Hammerhead Marine Scuptures

About me

My name is Ted Elder. I am an avid fisherman and diver living in Florida's fabulous Nature Coast. I try to bring some of the beauty that surrounds us in the water to my work. My very traditional artistry is done by hand hammering Copper and Stainless Steel sheet. I make original drawings and then transfer them to metal sheets where I cut them out by hand using large Tin Snips. Then the flat shape is hand hammered on a "Beater Bag" using various hammers, Bossing Mallets, chisels and many custom tools that I made. My pieces are 100% hand made. No machines or forms are used. The end result is a "swim off the wall" Sculpture of unusual realism and impact. While I make many and varied Marine Sculptures, I am always looking for a new subject.



Custom Marine Sculptures are a Specialty!